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Waconia, Minnesota

(612) 756-9901

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Meet Rolling Hearth Bistro

We Bring the Bistro to You!


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We cater to you!

Serve artisan wood fired pizza to family and friends.

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We have our own Pizza-losophy

We strive to create the best-tasting pizza for your event.

We strive to be the best

Kickin’ Cajun Hot Wings

The cast iron skillet is sizzling hot when we load in these mega-sized wings. Then they are tossed with some Louisiana Cajun flair in our Pitbull Hot Sauce. Unleash the heat if you dare!


Heat Scale: Medium-Hot


We chose the most flavorful pepperoni we could find, we make our homemade sauce fresh for each event and use a high quality low moisture fresh mozzarella cheese. Simple, but awesome.

RHB Sauce
Fresh Mozzarella

Dixie Clucker

A favorite even north of the Mason-Dixon line, this pizza features slow roasted chicken breast, a crumbled feta and fresh mozzarella cheese blend, Alfredo sauce, freshly sliced sangria grape tomatoes, crunchy onions and a tangy BBQ sauce drizzle on top.

Alfredo Sauce
Feta and Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Blend
Roasted Chicken
Fresh Sangria Grape Tomato
Crunchy Onion
Spicy BBQ Drizzle



Parley Lake Vineyard & Apple Orchard
October 26, 2019

Apples? On a pizza? Seriously? At Rolling Hearth Bistro, we hear these three questions a lot. But after that person {…}



Waconia Brewing Company
October 25, 2019

Nearly everyone knows that the best food pairing with delicious craft beer is pizza. But there’s also a warm Bavarian {…}