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Waconia, Minnesota

(612) 756-9901


Our philosophy on what makes pizza great.



The Oven

Built on a trailer, the Rolling Hearth Bistro wood fired oven allows us to bring the bistro to you. We use nothing but split and dried oak to make our fire hot. The floor of the oven is about 850 degrees, and the top of the oven gets well above 1,200 degrees. With this hot, consistent fire, you never have to wait more than a few minutes before we serve you a fresh made, piping-hot, artisan pizza.

The Crust

Not all crust is created equal. Our classic Neopolitan dough is made with Caputo 00 flour directly from Naples, Italy, and is a proprietary blend of the best wheat available on the market. we hand-stretch each pizza crust. To order. Never ahead of time. Sometimes we even give it a little toss in the air just for fun.

The Sauce

Homemade fresh for each event, Rolling Hearth Bistro uses the freshest, just-picked San Marzano tomatoes from the sun-kissed valleys of California. We mince the garlic, add the perfect blend of herbs and spices, and ladle it on your pizza — only when you order it.

The Toppings

RHB had selects the finest meats. We use fresh high quality, low moisture mozzarella cheese. We chop fresh vegetables – for each and every event. We pick fresh basil. We use flavor profiles, such as infused extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegar, specialty cheeses such as feta and gouda, and unique ingredients like fruit or arugula – all to cause a true taste sensation in every pizza we make.